Drainage Correction

Poor Drainage Can Lead to Foundation Problems

Poor drainage can lead to foundation issues and house shifting, which is why drainage correction solutions and proper drainage are so important.

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Proper drainage is very important when it comes to maintaining your home’s foundation.

There are 4 types of drainage systems that are commonly used. It is important that the right system is used when drainage correction is needed.

French Drains

A french drain is the most well known type of outdoor drainage system. French drains are a sub-surface drainage system meaning they are intended to collect water from the bottom of a trench once water has seeped down through the soil in an area that tends to hold water for long periods of time. The trench is usually dug 24 – 36 inches deep. Perforated pvc pipe is set in the bottom of the trench and is lined with gravel and filter fabric, and is graded to divert water to the proper exit point.

Surface Drains

Surface drains are installed to remove large amounts of surface water in a small amount of time. The surface drain involves a catch basin, that is essentially a box, placed in the ground near problematic areas with the ground around it graded toward the catch basin. This allows water to easily flow through the grate in the top of the catch basin so that it can be carried away through an underground solid pipe away from the home. In most cases in the DFW area, a surface drain is actually the best solution as opposed to the more widely know French drain.

Channel Drains

A channel drain is essentially the same as a surface drain. However, instead of using catch basins a channel is one long continuous water collection zone. A channel drain is a trough shaped drain that is most commonly installed in driveways where water runs downhill toward a garage door opening. Channel drains can be purchased pre-made or they can be custom-poured. Channel drains are connected to an underground solid pipe to carry the water away that is collected.

Drainage Swales

Drainage swales are also known as dry creek beds or open-top French drains. They are shallow ditches that are covered with different types of river rock. They are designed to capture & redirect water towards a suitable outlet. Drainage swales can be installed with or without a perforated PVC pipe, and can be made as large or small as needed for each particular application. Some examples of the uses of drainage swales include large swales that are designed to handle large amounts of runoff in bigger lawns, or open-top French drains that are designed to collect water at homes that have steep downward slopes toward the home, acting much like a decorative channel drain.

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