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Retaining Walls

We provide professional retaining wall installation services to both residential and commercial properties and work with a variety of materials including:

  • Retaining wall blocks
  • Railroad ties
  • Concrete wall

A retaining wall can help create aesthetically pleasing and usable outdoor space, as well as controlerosion. They can also help with management of ground slopes and water drainage. At FIRM Foundation Repair, we create durable retaining walls that are guaranteed to provide function and visual appeal.

Drainage is a vital and often overlooked aspect of constructing a successful retaining wall. It ensures water does not collect behind the wall causing it to fail. It decreases pressure on the soil around the foundation and within the wall itself, reducing erosion and settlement.

Block Wall

At FIRM Foundation Repair, our retaining walls are built to last. A concrete block retaining wall is a structure made out of concrete blocks that come in an assortment of block heights, depths, face styles, and colors to satisfy virtually any structural or aesthetic requirement. They are installed on a compressed gravel foundation and use steel anchors to assist in the engineering of the wall. This kind of wall is always installed with a drainage system behind the wall to ensure water does not collect behind the wall causing it to lean and fail.

Railroad Tie 

Railroad ties are a more economical construction material for a retaining wall. This type of wall typically has about a 20 year lifespan and can be installed a couple of different ways.

Poured Concrete 

Poured concrete retaining walls are built with a reinforced footing which must be poured first in proportion to its thickness and height. When lateral earth pressure is a concern, as it is in lower laying or
moisture rich areas, poured concrete walls do a great job controlling erosion. This type of wall must be built with a drainage system behind it to ensure water does not collect behind the wall causing it to lean and fail.

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