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Proper Crawl Space

Maintaining the appropriate amount of crawl space beneath your pier and beam foundation is an imperative. If the structural wood of your foundation is too close to the soil moisture can seep into the wood causing it to rot overtime. Wood that is close to soil is also more easily accessible for insects such as termites and carpenter ants. If you do not have adequate crawl space beneath your pier and beam foundation call FIRM Foundation Repair today for an estimate to excavate soil to give you the proper clearance so that your foundation will remain solid for years to come.

Wood Replacement

Over time on many pier and beam foundations it becomes necessary to replace some of the structural wood such as girder beams or joists. Wood can become weakened due to many factors such as insect infestation, dry rot, mold, plumbing leaks causing wet rot, and weathering due to improper ventilation. Unfortunately, these scenarios can cause the wood to lose its structural integrity and cause the floor of your home to warp in certain areas. If you notice low or high areas on your flooring call FIRM Foundation Repair today for an inspection and get a free estimate for replacement of any structural wood in your foundation.

Proper Ventilation

Having the proper amount of ventilation is a necessity for maintaining a healthy pier and beam foundation. If moisture is trapped beneath your home during the wetter seasons it can cause your crawl space to become a dank mold-rich environment. A moldy crawl space is health hazard to you and your family. Allowing your foundation to breath plenty of fresh air is key. If you think that your pier and beam foundation is not getting the amount of air flow it needs call FIRM Foundation Repair today to get a free estimate for installing foundation vents or crawl space ventilation fans today.

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